Blue Fire Game 5

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    Samantha had never been asked to play with the more experienced Blue Fire team (she plays for the White Ice - both are La Forza U11 teams), but a shortage of players provided her with an opportunity that she was very excited about. Her regular White Ice team had just finished their fifth game of the season prior to the start of this game, so her and another of her White Ice teammates started off the game getting a rest on the bench. When she got into the game she played with the same level of aggressiveness that she played with in the second half of the previous game, which was encouraging to watch. While she didn't score in this game, she did have a couple of nice kicks to the net. The competition that the Blue Fire team plays against is typically a little more stout than what Sam's team usually faces, and it shows in that team's record. Today's game was a 4-3 victory for the Fire, and that moved them to 2-3 on the season. They have scored 14 goals and given up 20, for a -6 goal differential. Sam will be getting another opportunity with this team next weekend, as she plays three games in a row (two for her own team and one for the Blue Fire team). Fingers crossed that the result will be the same!

La Forza Blue Fire Game 5 - vs. CFC Mustangs

Coach Dean talking to Samantha and Lexie, her La Forza White Ice teammate.

Sam driving the ball up the field.

Sam making a move against an opponent.

Sam touching a ball to start a play.

Sammie kicking the ball away from one of the opponents players.

Sam and her teammates fighting for a ball.

Sam watching the action unfold across the field.

Sam trying to get past the opposition.

Sam and her team heading towards the sideline after emerging victorious.


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