Blue Fire Game 6

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    Samantha played in her second game of the year with the more experienced Blue Fire team on Saturday, March 31st. This was a sandwich game, sitting right in the middle of her regular teams games. This game wasn't quite as successful as the last one that she played for the Blue Fire, as this game resulted in a 4-1 loss to the second place team in the division. Like the rest of the team, Sam wasn't able to do much against Hartland. The Hurricane girls appeared to be a U12 team, while the La Forza girls were are in the U11 group (U11 and U12 are combined this session). They were just bigger and faster than the Fire girls were. This is likely Sam's last experience playing indoor with the Blue Fire team, so it is too bad that they couldn't end it on a high note...

La Forza Blue Fire Game 6 - vs. Hartland Hurricanes

Samantha fighting over the ball with the opposition.

Sam standing around during a break in the action.

Sammie watching the action unfold further down the field.


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