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    Samantha's soccer team played in their first indoor soccer game of the year on Saturday, March 3rd, and they started it off with a bang. They showed no signs of being rusty, as they breezed their way to a 7-0 victory against the GBSC Lynx. While Sam didn't score today, she did seem to be a little more aggressive today. I would still like to see her dribble the ball up the field more often as opposed to passing the ball off as soon as she gets it, but I am still hoping that will come with time on the field.

Game 1 - vs. GBSC Lynx

Samantha moving down the field with the ball in her possession.

Sam and one of her teammates lined up around the center circle after scoring one of their goals.

Samantha and a couple of her teammates getting some instructions from her coach during their time out of the game.

Sam waiting for play to resume after her team scored another of their goals.

Sam trying to steal the ball from one of her opponents.

Sam watching the action unfold down the field from her position.

Sam getting into position for a rebound in case the goal keeper misses this save.

Sam adjusting her socks.

A close-up look at Sam.

Another look at Sam as she watches the action in front of her.


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