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    Game 2 of the indoor soccer season took place on Thursday, March 8th. The girls played the MESA Momentum, and while this game wasn't as big of a blowout as the last one, the victory was never really in question throughout the course of the action. The La Forza girls gave up their first goal of the year during today's game, but they managed to score 4 of their own, securing a 4-1 victory. Samantha played her most aggressive game in quite some time, controlling the action with ball when she had it on her foot, and not hesitating to challenge the opposition. She didn't score today, but it was quite enjoyable to watch her play today.

Game 2 - vs. MESA Momentum

Samantha laughing with her teammates while warming up prior to tonight's game.

Sam dribbling the ball in the middle of the field.

Sammie running down the field.

Sam moving up to challenge her opponent.

Sam keeping an eye on her teammate driving towards the net.

Sam looking for an open teammate as she drives along the side of the field.

Sam moving towards the net, hoping to get the ball if the goal keeper misses the save.

Sam trying to steal the ball from her opposition.

Samantha knocking the ball away from an opponent.

Sam watching the ball after making a pass.

Sammie catching her breath during a break in the game.

Sam passing the ball to a teammate.

Sam moving the ball up the field.

Sam passing the ball to her teammates.

Sam receiving the ball, about to make a move up the side line.

Sam knocking the ball out of midair.

Sam dribbling the ball along the sideline once again.

Sam running up the field as her teammates drive along the opposite sideline.

Sam preparing to stop the ball using her body.

Sam getting ready to block the opposition from driving the ball up the field.


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