Game 3

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    Samantha and her La Forza teammates had two games to play this Thursday, one early game and one late game (although some girls play for both La Forza teams, giving them three games in a row). This game didn't turn out to be too much of a challenge, as the girls were able to cruise to an easy 6-0 victory. Samantha didn't look to have her head into the game today though, probably due to the fact that she was unable to get an after school snack plus the addition of the unseasonably warm winter weather - she complained about the heat after the game. She managed to play a decent game today despite these adversities, however. While she didn't get a goal today, she is continuing to improve her footwork, even making a few dekes with the ball.

Game 3 - vs. MESA Fusion

Samantha taking her position guarding her opposition as the other teams goal keeper kicks the ball.

Sam tying her shoe during a break in the action.

Kick the ball, Sammie!

Sam driving hard towards the goal.

Sam getting ready to take the ball away from the opposition.

Sam making a move past her opponent.

Sammie doing a poke check.

Sam kicking the ball in a crowd of white jerseys.

Sam running back up the field.

Sam doing a sideline throw-in.

Sam doing a corner kick.

Sam looking around as time is about to expire.


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