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    The second game of today's double-header was against the team with which La Forza shared first place with, the LSC Bandits U-12 team. We knew this was going to be a tough game, because the two teams had the same record coming into today's action, with the same number of goals scored by each team. The only difference was that they had given up 2 goals while our girls had only allowed 1. Despite this being the second game for most of the team, they came out strong and gave it their all right from the opening kick. It looked for a long time as if this one might end in a scoreless tie, as that is the way the game was at halftime. Samantha and her La Forza teammates came out attacking in the second half, and finally broke the ice by netting the first goal of the game. Within two minutes they put another ball past the Bandits keeper, giving them a 2-0 lead. With less than 5 minutes remaining Sam's coach swapped out goal keepers, which appeared to be the wrong decision as LSC quickly scored a goal to make it a one goal game. Thankfully that was it for both teams, as La Forza was able secure their fourth victory of the season and tightened their grip on first place in their division.

Game 4 - vs. LSC Bandits U-12

Samantha dribbling the ball in a crowd.

Sam watching her teammates take the ball down the opposite sideline.

Sam intercepting a pass by the opposing team in front of their bench.

Sam dribbling up the field.

Sam making a pass to her teammate.

Sam performing a corner kick.

Sam kicking the ball to one of her teammates making her way towards the goal.

Sam knocking the ball down out of the air.

Samantha playing good positional defense.

Sam dribbling the ball, looking for an open teammate...

...before making a good pass.


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