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    Game 5 of the indoor session III for the La Forza White Ice was a rematch against the MESA Momentum, which the girls beat 4-1 back on March 8th. Things looked like they were going to get out of hand early in this one, as the La Forza girls scored the games first goal early in the action. Unfortunately for them the Momentum gained some and came back and scored a quick goal of their own. This continued for most of the first half, as each La Forza goal was matched by one by MESA. In fact, the La Forza team had given up only 2 goals in their previous four games combined, and in this one half alone they let 3 in past their goal keeper! The Ice girls came out strong in the second half, and that included Samantha. She didn't score, but her team scored a couple of quick goals that seemed to break the ice for them. By the time it was all said and done, the La Forza White Ice team had won their fifth game in five tries, this time by a score of 8-3. Sam started off slow, like the rest of team, but she was much more aggressive in the second half. She was dribbling the ball up the field instead of just passing it as soon as she got it, and she was driving to the net and getting off some kicks on goal. It was nice to see her come out strong, and I hope she keeps it up!

Game 5 - vs. MESA Momentum

Samantha was called upon to perform the corner kick today...

...which she performed admirably.

Well enough, in fact, that she got to do it throughout the game.

Sammie walking during a break in the game.

Sam getting ready for another corner kick...

...which she once again nailed... right in front of the net.

Sam watching the action unfold down the field.

Sammie driving the ball up the field towards the net.

A little closer Sam!

Sam and her opponent racing after the ball.

Sam making another move down the sideline.


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