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    In their final game of the season, Samantha and the rest of her La Forza teammates had a chance to clinch first place in their division for indoor session III. They did not disappoint themselves, their coach, or their fans with their play today. They jumped out to the early lead and never looked back. Sam's game today was pretty much a microcosm of her entire season - passive in the first half, but much more aggressive in the second half. While she didn't score today (based on game 7, I must be the jinx!), she did get a couple of good kicks on goal. She also did a better job of initiating the action with her opposition, as opposed to sitting back and waiting for the action to come to her. The best part of the day was that they managed to cap an undefeated session, going 8-0. They managed to score 45 goals (5.625 per game) while only allowing 7 (.875 per game), for a goal differential of 38. Hopefully this will provide some positive momentum heading into the Spring outdoor season! For championship pictures, click here.

Game 8 - vs. Frankenmuth Soccer Association

Samantha fighting for the ball with one of the opposing teams players.

Sam overran this ball, and her opponent managed to get to it first.

Sam passing the ball to her teammate.

Sam watching the ball along the sideline.

Sam making her way towards the action taking place down the field.

Sam and her teammates listening to directions from Coach Dean.

Sam running down the field.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field...

...before passing it to a teammate.

Sam trying to guard the net on the oppositions corner kick.


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