Tyler's 13th Birthday

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    We held Tyler's birthday gathering two days after his actual birthday (serious progress based on the delay that Sam had!) with some of our family. Tyler wasn't asking for a lot this year - just money. Well, except from Tara and I - from us he wanted an Apple iPod. I tried to talk him into an Android based MP3 player, but he wasn't having any part of that. Needless to say, he wasn't disappointed in any of his gifts, as he got exactly what he asked for. Tyler, as well as Tara & I, would like to thank Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Gail, Great-Grandpa Hardy, Grandpa Gary, Grandma Terry, Great-Grandma Parrott, Steven, Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and Marissa for helping to celebrate this special day with him.

Tyler's 13th Birthday

Tyler reading the card that Marissa had made for Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and herself to give to Tyler.

Tyler showing off the mustache card that his cousin Adam gave him.

Tyler showing off the mustache that came in a card from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail.

Tyler opening the card from his family after he got some money from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry.

Tyler started out holding the knife this way, but quickly realized that maybe he should be going the other way.

Tyler wasn't too impressed with the rock that his parents stuck in the box in an attempt to trick him...

...from thinking that he was getting an iPod. Didn't work too well, though.

Another shot of Tyler looking at his new iPod.

Samantha showing off the mustache that she got from the vending machine at Red Robin the day before.

Tyler showing off the Modern Warfare 3 cake that he decorated for himself.

A look at Tyler's MW3 cake with 13 sparkler candles and the #13 candles as well.

Tyler listening as his family sings Happy Birthday to him.

Tyler took his time blowing out the candles on his cake - one by one.


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