Game 5

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    I won't get to see any more of Tyler's games this season, so I am relying on Tara to take pictures and keep me up to date on the action. I didn't get a lot out of her for this game, as she was quite disappointed by the effort the team gave. She said Tyler played an appropriate amount of time, and that at times his defensive effort was lacking. He didn't score today, although he had at least one open look at the basket. The overall lack of effort by the team showed up in the final score, a 57-29 blowout loss.

Game 5 - at Powers 2 - Brown

Tyler moving into position for a rebound.

Tyler attempting to drive out of a double-team by going baseline.

Tyler getting into position.

Tyler dribbling the ball up the court after a pass from a teammate.

Tyler looking to make a pass with a defender draped all over him.

Tyler getting off an open shot.

Another look at Tyler dribbling the ball up the court.

Tyler getting ready to make a pass after bringing the ball up.

Tyler playing defense at the top of the key.

Another ugly loss, this time by a 57-29 score.


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