Game 6

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    Tara didn't send me many updates to this game as she noticed a big uptick in intensity in this game. Some of it may have been that the boys were playing Linden, a school that has consistently beat up on the Holly boys (at least the boys on Tyler's football and basketball teams), and some of it may have been the coaching style of the individual who took over for the boys usual coach for this game. Either way she noticed that the boys who didn't give their all got yanked from the game, and those who showed effort played. The defense for this game was much improved, although they still have a long way to go on offense. She said it was an improvement overall, despite the 26-16 loss.

Game 6 - vs. Linden

Tyler catching a pass and turning upcourt.

Tyler passing the ball to an open teammate for a corner shot.

Tyler boxing out the free-throw shooter.

Tyler and his teammates coming to the bench after being subbed out.

Tyler making a (bad) inbounds pass.

Tyler ready to box out on the free-throw line once again.

The defense was much improved this game, holding their opponents to a season low 26 points. Unfortunately they only managed to score 16 themselves, three of which came on Tyler's lone basket.


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