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    I didn't get much feedback from this game other than it was ugly throughout. I know Tyler didn't score in this game, and apparently he didn't play much defense either... of course it doesn't appear that anybody played much in the way of defense, as they gave up a season high 58 points. As you can imagine, they dropped this game as well, by a score of 58-27, moving them to 0-8 on the year.

    I guess I shouldn't expect much more than this, though, considering the makeup of the team. There are a few incoming freshmen playing on the team, but the majority of the kids are much younger. Tyler is one of four eighth graders-to-be, and there are also two seventh graders-to-be playing. I was also told that there is a fifth grader-to-be on the team as well (the varsity coaches son...). Tough losses are to be expected by such a young team when they are playing primarily freshmen teams all season long. As long as the effort is genuine, that is all I can ask.

Game 8 - vs. Grand Blanc Freshmen

Tyler moving into the lane to defend a Grand Blanc player.

Tyler moving along the baseline.

Tyler passing the ball to one of his teammates.

Tyler in position along the outside.

Tyler checking the position of the opposition before play resumes.

Tyler moving into position to guard a player.

So much for the defensive effort from their previous two games, as the gave up 58 points in this game (more than their last two games combined!) while only scoring 27 themselves. Too bad they didn't score that in Game 7 - it would have been enough to secure their first victory of the year!


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