Game 9

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    There isn't much to report in this game. Tyler didn't get much court time in the first half - 65 seconds, to be more precise - though the second half was a little better. Tyler didn't score in this game, as would be expected when your court time is so limited. His team was going against the Grand Blanc team that destroyed them in their last meeting, so the coach was attempting to keep the score closer. I suppose that worked, as they managed to reduce the opponents scoring by a total of 21 points. Unfortunately they couldn't score any more than they did in that game, managing 1 less. The final result was a somewhat more respectable 37-26 loss.

Tyler heading down the court as his team starts a fast break.

Tyler getting his hands up in an attempt to block a pass.

Tyler looking for a teammate to pass the ball to.

Tyler fighting for the ball with an opponent.

Tyler passing the ball to a teammate between a couple of Grand Blanc players.

The Bronchos managed to hold the Grand Blanc team to 21 points less than the last time these two teams met, but it wasn't enough as the boys still fell, this time by a 37-26 score.


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