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    There was a general feeling that this first game was going to be an ugly one, and it indeed was. While the ACC team has only had two practices together since the end of football season, the Slezak team is one that spends a lot of time playing together all over the state. They more than likely concentrate solely on basketball, while our boys are much more rounded, with most of them playing two or three sports each.

    Tyler got the start today, and played ok. He didn't make any exceptional plays, but didn't make any outrageous mistakes either. At least not in comparison to the rest of the team - they all struggled at both ends of the court today. Of course it didn't help that 90% of their team was as tall as our two tallest players, while their shorter kids were close to Tyler's size. Well, I guess we just write this 49-18 loss off as a learning experience - sort of like an extra practice against different kids...

Game 1 - vs. Slezak Dentistry

Tyler getting ready to head onto the court to start the game.

Tyler getting into position on the offensive end.

Tyler setting a pick as his teammate attempts to dribble by.

Tyler looking for a pass as the coach of the other team attempts to pick his nose!

Tyler faced much bigger players the entire time he was on the court today.

Tyler setting a pick...

...and then turning to look for a pass.

Tyler lined up on the blocks, looking to box out another taller player.

The final score, a 49-18 blowout.


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