Game 10

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    The ACC team got another chance for another victory when they had their second rematch game of the season, this time against a team that they had previously beaten in the Brandon Basketball team. Today's game wasn't nearly as interesting, however, as the boys played poorly. Against a team that air-balled several of their first free-throw attempts. It was an ugly loss, to say the least, as they fell to 2-8 on the season with a 29-22 loss.

Game 10 - vs. Brandon Basketball

Tyler stepped in front of this pass by a Brandon player...

...driving to the basket between two players...

...before getting a chance... a shot that he ultimately missed (in fairness to Tyler there was a lot of contact - enough to knock him to the ground - by the Brandon player that wasn't called a foul).

The final score, a 29-22 loss.


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