Game 3

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    This was one of those games were at times the action seemed like it was going to be a good, close games and other times were it seemed as though a blowout (worse than the actual final score) was inevitable. Tyler played a decent game overall, without scoring, while providing his unit with a spark of energy off the bench. Unfortunately it wasn't enough, as the ACC team fell to 0-3 with a 48-29 loss.

Game 3 - at Lake Fenton 8

Tyler waiting to check in to the game for the first time.

Tyler in the lane as his teammate reaches up for a rebound.

Tyler shooting a layup that just missed.

Tyler getting ready to break open for an inbounds pass...

...before passing the ball along to a teammate from the corner.

Tyler and his teammates getting some instruction during a timeout.

Tyler lined up for a rebound as his opponent shoots a free throw.

Tyler did a good job in keeping his man outside the three-point line defensively.

Here he is guarding an opposing player once again.

Tyler bending over to scoop up a loose ball.

Another look at Tyler and his teammates during a timeout.

The final score, a 48-29 loss.


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