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    If ever there was a game that the ACC team was destined to win, this was that game. It became obvious early on that the Durand team was in the same peer group as the ACC boys in this particular league, and our coach decided to take advantage of that by pressuring their ball handlers all the way up the court, looking to force them into turnovers. The strategy worked, as the ACC team was able to build up a big lead by halftime (only allowing a single basket in the first half) while maintaining it in the second half (where only two baskets were allowed). Tyler managed to score his first points of the season today, while he and his teammates cruised to their first victory, a 38-6 win that should have probably been worse had it not been for so many missed layups and free throws.

Game 4 - at Durand 8

Tyler taking a long two-point shot.

Tyler shooting a free throw after being fouled on another shot attempt.

Tyler getting ready to shoot his second free throw...

...and watching it sail through the air on its way to the basket.

Tyler getting into position defensively.

Tyler and a teammate going up for the rebound.

The final score today was a 38-6 blowout in favor of the ACC team!


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