Game 6

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    The Flushing Mat-Tek team has given the ACC boys trouble in the past, but today's game was a bit different. Tyler and the rest of his teammates kept it close throughout, and for a while it seemed as though they might pull out a victory. The boys went cold late, though, and wound up losing by 6. Tyler did his best to help out, banking in a three pointer on one end of the court, and just missing a long shot from the corner at the other end of the court later. Overall it was a good, but physical, game by both teams.

Game 6 - vs. Flushing Mat-Tek

Tyler and his teammates in the huddle during a timeout.

Tyler lined up on the key, waiting for a rebound.

Tyler firing up a deep shot from the corner...

...and following through. Unfortunately, the shot rimmed out.

Tyler was trying to get open for a long pass late in the game.

Another look at Tyler trying to move to an open spot for a quick bucket.

The final score, a 33-27 loss in a good, close game.


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