Game 8

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    All of the kids appeared to be suffering from an xBox hangover during today's game, as they appeared sluggish and disinterested throughout almost all of the action. Although they were able to keep within striking distance for most of the first half, it turned into a blowout by the time the game was over. Final score: 45-22. Ugh.

Game 8 - vs. Ramblers

Tyler waiting for his turn to check into the game.

Tyler hustling back on defense to try and stop the player dribbling the ball.

Tyler lined up for the rebound as the opposition shoots a free throw.

Tyler talking to some of his teammates at halfcourt during a break in the action.

Tyler firing up a shot.

Tyler getting ready to check back into the game in the second half.

The final score, a 45-22 loss.


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