Playoff Game 1

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    In a do-or-die playoff scenario, the ACC boys gave it their all trying to secure a victory that would send them on to round two of the playoffs. Unfortunately for them, they ran into a tough Lake Fenton team that had already beaten them once this season. While the first game was an ugly 48-29 loss early in the season, this game was much more competitive. The ACC team never was able to grab the lead, but they did manage to keep the score close for the vast majority of the action. Lake Fenton eventually pulled away late in the second half, securing a 41-30 victory, ending ACC's season.

Playoff Game 1 - vs. Lake Fenton 8

Tyler throwing the ball inbounds.

Tyler moving onto the court after throwing the ball to a teammate.

Tyler heading to the bench after being subbed out of the game.

Tyler getting ready to check back in to the game.

Tyler setting up on offense.

Tyler open in the corner, looking for a pass that never came.

Tyler guarding his man on defense.

Tyler trying to swat away a pass.

Tyler lined up on the key as a teammate shoots a free throw.

Tyler applying full court pressure.

Tyler guarding an inbounds pass.

Tyler playing pressure defense late in the game.

The final score, a season ending 41-30 loss.


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