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    Tyler's seventh grade basketball team played their first game of the season against Brandon Middle School at home on January 30th. None of the kids or the parents were really sure what to expect, but we were certainly all pleased with the results so far. Game 1 brought about pretty even playing time for all 16 of the kids that made the team (yes, 16!). Have so many kids on the team allowed the coach the opportunity to rotate entire groups of kids in at one time, keeping them fresh as they ran up and down the court. The Bronchos jumped out to a big lead and never really looked back, even as Brandon attempted to make a comeback in the fourth quarter. Tyler played somewhere between 8-10 minutes or so, and he scored his first points of the season while doing so. He made a nice drive down the lane, making a layup while getting fouled. Unfortunately his free throw missed the mark, even though it was halfway down before popping back out. The end result was an impressive 35-18 victory. Here's keeping our fingers crossed for a few more games like this!

Game 1 - vs. Brandon Middle School

Tyler (on the right, wearing the white sleeve on his arm) and his teammates sitting on the bench waiting for the game to get underway.

Tyler looking for a pass while playing offense.

Tyler getting his arm into the passing lane on defense.

Tyler made a layup while getting fouled, but his free throw was halfway down before popping back out.

Tyler jumping up in an attempt to block an inbounds pass.

Tyler in his position on defense.

Tyler lined up as the opposition prepares to shoot a free throw.

The final score - a 35-18 victory for the Holly Bronchos.

Tyler (second from the right) and his teammates in the high-five line.


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