Game 11

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    Today's game was one of those games where you can't help but feel that the boys should have walked away winners, but their inability to stop one particular player cost them dearly. Number 10 on the opposing team was pretty much an unstoppable force today, rebounding and scoring almost at will. While the Broncho boys attempted a furious fourth quarter comeback once again, this time it wasn't meant to be. They managed to force a missed free throw with less than a minute remaining and down three, but an uncalled push off by #10 and an uncalled out of bounds play resulted in taking away any chance that they had at victory. By the time the final whistle blew, Tyler and his teammates wound up on the losing end of a 41-36 score.

    Tyler got his first start of the year today, and he made the most of it. While he went scoreless in his time on the court today, he was aggressive all around. He didn't make any turnovers, and forced a jump ball with the other teams tallest, best player (the aforementioned #10). Speaking of the other teams tallest, best player - it turns out his Dad was a former Detroit Lion, who also happens to be a current teacher in the Lapeer school district where his son plays. While the Lapeer Zemmer coach was assessed a technical foul during the game, our coach and most of our fans actually believe that it was this kids dad who earned it. The ref spent quite a bit of time talking to him about it after making the call. I guess it worked, because at crunch time the refs swallowed their whistles as his kid pushed off on a rebound, pretty much handing the game to Zemmer. By the time we were able to get the ball back there wasn't nearly enough time left in the game to make any real attempt at a comeback.

Game 11 - at Zemmer Middle School

Tyler coming out to the court during the introduction of the starters.

Tyler forcing a jump ball on the other teams tallest (and best) player.

Tyler and a teammate double-teaming one of the opposing players.

Tyler coming over to help out on defense.

Tyler looking for a teammate to pass to.

Tyler guarding the inbounds pass.

Tyler set some really nice screens today.

Tyler trying to stop the ball as the opponent's guard brings the basketball up the court.

Tyler didn't do a great job this time as the little guard made his way past Tyler.

Tyler running up the court after his team scored a basket.

Tyler with the ball, getting ready to make a move.

Tyler looking to pass the ball during an inbounds play.

Tyler got a little too aggressive this time - he got called for a foul on this play.

The final score, a 41-36 loss that dropped the Bronchos to 7-4 on the season.


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