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    The Broncho boys never had a shot in today's game, and that didn't really have anything to do with the fact that the Linden Eagles were simply the better team. There were two men on the court in stripes that played a large part in taking away any chance the Bronchos had at pulling off an upset victory. I yelled and screamed enough about it at the game, so I will attempt to keep my complaining to a minimum here. Let me just say that although we have seen some bad refereeing throughout the course of the season, today's refs take the crown as the worst of the season. It should have been obvious that the game was going to be unfair when the one ref was high-fiving Linden fans in the stand before an inbounds play... and it just when downhill from there. Obvious missed calls all game long, calls that went Lindens way when the same foul against Holly went uncalled, it just went on and on. There was even a time when they had a conference at the scorers table to decide if Linden should have been shooting a 1-1 free throw (they should have) and then on the next Holly foul they completely forgot. Had it not been for the Linden fans yelling for the free throws they would have completely forgotten about it. I'm probably not doing how bad of a job that they actually did... you had to see it for yourself. I only have three words to say about it. Worst. Refs. Ever.

    On to the game. Tyler didn't have his best game ever, but he also didn't play poorly either. He had a couple of shots, but they were just a bit long. He didn't score today. He played some pretty decent defense, but also got called for a foul when guarding his man. This should really come as no surprise, as the fouls were 10+ for Holly to 2 for Linden in the second half (they stop putting the fouls on the scoreboard after 10, the double bonus). It wouldn't have mattered if Tyler had a career game today, they simply weren't going to beat the Linden Eagles. For a majority of the game Linden had Holly doubled up, but a late surge as Linden's best players were off the floor led to the somewhat close final score. Holly fell 48-32, dropping them to 7-5 on the season.

Game 12 - at Linden Middle School

Tyler and his teammates entering the game in the first quarter.

Tyler ready to box-out the shooter if he misses his free throw.

Tyler playing tight aggressive defense on a Linden player.

Tyler catching a pass from his teammate. He was wide open, so why not...

...take a shot. This one was just a bit too strong, bouncing off the back of the rim.

Tyler ready to box-out the shooter on yet another Holly foul.

Tyler playing defense up close and personal once again.

The final score, a 48-32 loss. The Bronchos finished the season with a 7-5 record.


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