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    Tyler and the rest of the Bronchos seventh grade team took on the Rolland-Warner Middle School in Lapeer on Monday, February 6th. There really isn't much to say about this game - defense was the real story of the day. The Bronchos gave up only 4 points in the first half of the game, and a total of 6 for the entire game! Over a 24 minute game! Well, it was a combination of good defense and poor offense, but the end result was a victory, so we'll take it either way. Tyler didn't score, but his team didn't really need his offense today. He continues to be aggressive while playing good defense, so that is a good sign. The final score turned out to be a very decisive 32-6 beat down of an overmatched team.

Game 3 - at Rolland-Warner Middle School

Tyler guarding the opposing player as the ball is being brought up the court.

Tyler passing the ball up the court after gathering in a rebound.

Tyler lined up on the free throw line while his teammate attempts a shot.

Another look at Tyler ready to grab the rebound on a free throw attempt.

Tyler guarding his man while playing strong defense.

Tyler open for a pass that never came on a fast break.

The final score, a 32-6 victory, the second of the season for the Bronchos.


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