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    Tyler and his teammates played through a tough first quarter today against the Clio Carter Middle School, as both teams struggled to score in a defensive battle. Things picked up a little in the second quarter, and the Bronchos led by 5 points at halftime, 16-11. It looked as though the boys might be able to pull away a bit in the third quarter, but Clio hung tough and narrowed the gap to four points after three quarters. The Bronchos controlled a majority of the fourth quarter as well, but two key 3-point shots by Clio late in the game made it close. Holly could have hung on to the ball at the end of the game, passing it around to kill the clock, but an ill-advised shot or two probably wound up costing them the game as Clio was able to drive the lane and make a layup with less than 10 seconds left, giving them a one point lead. A last second shot by Holly came up short, and the Bronchos suffered their second loss of the season, by a 34-33 score.

    Tyler played two strong stretches today, driving the lane for a tough layup for his only two points of the game, while also making some strong defensive plays as well. Unlike last game, this time his team on the court with him was more than able to hold their own against Clio. I think this strong play was what allowed him to earn more quality time today. If he keeps up the hard work it will only lead to good things the rest of the season.

Game 6 - vs. Clio Carter Middle School

Tyler moving to an open spot on offense, looking for a pass.

Tyler attempting to block a pass from a Clio player.

Tyler and his group of five getting ready to check into the game as their coach gives some directions to the players in the game.

Tyler lined up on the edge of the lane as a Clio player shoots a free throw.

Tyler moving around on offense late in the game, getting ready for a pass on an in-bounds play.

Tyler back in a defensive position as a teammate shoots a free throw.

Tyler celebrating after a key basket by his team.

The final score, a 34-33 loss, moving the Bronchos to 4-2 on the season.


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