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    There is only one word to describe today's game, and that is "ugly." The Broncho's offense was ugly, the defense was ugly, the shooting was ugly. Just plain ugly. The boys fell behind early and never were able to make the run that could get them back into contention. Needless to say, since the game was so out of hand, I don't have a lot to say. Tyler played for a couple of stretches, and his team seemed to play the best defense of the team. That isn't really saying much, though, and they still struggled on defense. Tyler did take a three-point shot, but it was just a bit long. Thankfully the boys will get a chance to redeem themselves on Monday, at Swartz Creek, as they look to avenge another of their losses this season.

Game 7 - vs. Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School

Tyler wide open, waiting for a pass that never came from a teammate.

Tyler just missed getting a steal on this play.

Tyler guarding the Tigers player at the top of the key.

The ugly final score, Fenton 47, Holly 18.


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