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    Tyler's basketball team played their second game of the year against Swartz Creek, only this time it was an entirely different squad than the team that they beat by 2 during their meeting in Holly. I'm not sure Holly could field two squads as even as these. The Bronchos jumped out to an early 4-0 lead, but they let SC go on a big run after that, and they wound up trailing 21-14 at halftime. They stormed out of the gate at halftime however, and led 24-23 after three quarters. By the time the final buzzer sounded, the boys had managed to earn their fifth victory of the season with a 34-30 victory, after some clutch free throws put the game away late.

    Tyler was disappointed with his playing time today, as he played the least amount of time that he had played all year (excluding the one game when he missed practice after being sick the day before). He got about 4 minutes total today, all in the first half. He made some nice dribble drives to the hoop, but he rushed his shots today and didn't score any points. He did play good defense however, getting his hands in the passing lanes a couple of times.

Game 8 - at Swartz Creek Middle School

Tyler lined up on the free throw line as one of the Dragons prepared to shoot a free throw.

Tyler attempting to knock a pass away while playing defense.

Tyler getting ready to pass the ball ahead on a fast break.

Tyler sitting on the bench with some of his teammates.

The Bronchos earned their fifth victory of the season with a 34-30 victory over Swartz Creek.


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