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    The ninth of the middle school basketball season took place at Holly Middle School against Grand Blanc West. The action started out sloppy, and stayed that way most of the game. Turnovers, missed free throws, and missed shots plagued both teams. The first quarter featured a combined 12 points, with Grand Blanc doubling up the Holly boys. Tyler played in the first and second quarters today, for about 5 minutes, and the Bronchos closed the gap during his time on the floor. He was disappointed to not play in the second half again today, but that is motivation to work harder in practice in order to gain some more time on the court. The Bronchos took a decent lead into the final minutes of the game, but the sloppy play took over again, and the Bobcats clawed their way back into the game. A clutch contested three point shot made it a two point game, but neither team managed to score again. The final score was a 34-32 victory, their sixth of the year. With three more games remaining on the schedule, the worst the team's record could be is 6-6. Taking out the two blowout losses to Fenton, their only other loss this season was by a single point. Not too bad!

Game 9 - vs. Grand Blanc West Middle School

Tyler sitting on the bench talking to his teammates at the start of the game.

Tyler lined up with his group waiting to enter the game.

Tyler playing defense against one of Grand Blanc's guards.

Another look at Tyler guarding his man.

Tyler driving to the basket...

...where he took his first shot of the game.

Tyler sitting on the bench with some of his teammates at the end of the game.

Today's hard fought 34-32 victory gave the Bronchos their sixth win of the year, ensuring them at least a 6-6 record.


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