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    I wish that I had a lot of commentary to add about the game, but I have recieved very little feedback about today's action. What I do know is this: The score was Holly 8, Grand Blanc 6 at halftime, and the second half was scoreless throughout. Tyler only played in a couple of plays, which were so early in the game that Tara hadn't even arrived yet. Apparently the pay-to-play fee got paid at the last minute (Tara was certain that she had turned it in when his physical form was handed over, but the check must have been more of a thought than a reality), so the coaches had to game plan around the kids who they were certain would be playing. Tyler's check made it in on time, but by then the game plan was pretty much set. Hopefully his playing time and her arrival time will coincide in the coming weeks.

    Because of the check snafu and Tara's late arrival, we do not have any pictures to post at this time. Hopefully next week...


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