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    The Bronchos played a tough game today, leading for a large part of the game but unable to hold on at the end. Despite their best efforts, it was a costly interception that took away their last chance at a victory today. Tyler's playing time continues to be limited, despite what he says is his best effort in practices. He has been relegated to kickoff duty mainly, although he did get some time on offense today. Of course he was supposed to be during the series where the interception occurred, but he was subbed out on that particular play, and once that happened there were no more plays to be had until the final 6.3 seconds of the game for him. Tara & I are encouraging him to tough it out and continue to work hard, knowing that as long as the wrestling coaches are also the football coaches that is playing time will likely be limited. Maybe next season, if he plays, with new coaches, will be different...

    PS: I attempted to lighten some of the darker photos. That didn't work out the greatest, so I probably won't be doing that again!

Game 2 - at Brandon Middle School

Tyler blocking his man on a kick return early in the game.

Tyler lined off on a kick return during the second half of the game.

Tyler chasing the Brandon players across the field, looking to lay a hit on one of them.

Tyler running alongside on of the Brandon players.

Tyler backpeddling during the game.

Tyler changing direction, getting ready to head across the field.

Tyler looking to hit the opposing player coming at him.

Although hard to tell, Tyler is on the end of the offensive line in this shot, trying to...

...block big number 65.

The final score, Brandon 28, Bronchos 19.


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