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    Tyler's heart no longer seems to be in football, and I think that is reflected by his playing time. He claims that he is usually one of the first ones to finish their running drills, but it doesn't seem like he puts the effort in when it comes to blocking and tackling like he really needs to do to earn time on the field. After this season if he decides that he no longer wishes to play that is fine with Tara & I. Although we would be a little disappointed and miss watching him play, there is no sense having him out there risking injury if it isn't something that he truly wishes to do.

    I don't have much to report on the actual game today, other than the fact that the Bronchos were soundly beaten by the score of 22-0. Tyler only saw the field during special teams today. Tara didn't give me a lot of in-game updates, likely because there wasn't much positive to report. Hopefully they will come out strong next week!

Game 3 - vs. Clio Carter Middle School

Tyler (on the left of this photo) standing on the sideline with his teammates.

Tyler (in the white sleeves) lined up in his spot for the kick return.

Another shot of Tyler ready for a kick return.

Tyler and his teammates heading towards the sideline.

The final score, a blowout 22-0 loss.


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