Game 4

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    I don't have a lot to report about today's game, as I wasn't given much information about the game action. Tara did tell me that the game was tied at 12 at halftime, but that the Bronchos got a little sloppy with their tackling in the second half before succumbing to an 18-12 defeat. Tyler saw his usual playing time on special teams and that is about it.

Game 4 - vs. Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School

Tyler's helmet is just visible in this photo as he moves across the field while looking to hit a Fenton player.

Tyler moving towards his teammates as the play comes to an end.

Tyler lined up for a kick return.

A closer look at Tyler on the field.

Tyler and his teammates trading positions on the field (kick return team off, offense on).

The final score, an 18-12 defeat.


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