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    Since today's game was the final home game of the year for the 8th grade Broncho football team, I decided to take a few hours off of work to come and watch Tyler play. For all I know, this might have been my final opportunity to see him suited up for a game on the gridiron...

    I can see why Tyler has lost interest in playing the game, as he spends 95% of the time stationed on the sideline while the same kids trot on and off the field after a series of unsuccessful runs up the middle forces a turnover on downs. This is the second year in a row that these kids have struggled on the field, but I refuse to believe that it is the kids. More than likely it is the uninspired play calling, on both offense and defense, that is the culprit. A mere two years ago these same kids led two teams to undefeated seasons in the youth football league while a third team went 3-3 (I think). That means that there is at least enough talent to go .500 on the season, and the record should be better than that. What makes it especially puzzling to me, based on my one game experience, is that despite a huge deficit and almost no shot at a comeback, the players on the field were still the same. Isn't that the time to give the other kids a shot? To give them the experience of playing? To see if they can handle the pressure? At the very least to keep their interest in the sport at a level that might inspire them to play again? That doesn't seem to factor in with these coaches.

    Tyler sees the field primarily on kick returns, where he is a second level blocker. He did manage to get on the field for an abbreviated offensive series as time ran out at the end of the game, the only time the coaches sent in anyone other than their first time and the primary subs. Regardless of the score and his playing time, I am glad I could make it. I am very proud of Tyler for sticking it out under these adverse conditions!

    And wouldn't it figure, after harping on Tara to make sure she gets a picture of the final score all this time that I would be the one to forget during the only game I attend all season? We had to go by memory on the final score, but regardless of whether it is correct or not the boys lost the game by a wide margin...

Game 5 - vs. Linden Middle School

Tyler and his teammates getting a bit of a pep talk before the opening kick.

Tyler lined up on the far side of the field in his spot for the kick return.

Tyler running to the sideline after a short return.

Tyler spends most of his time standing on the sideline watching as his teammates struggle to move the ball (or stop the ball, whatever the case may be).

Tyler on the field for another kick return.

Although hard to spot, Tyler is on the field for an offensive series!

Tyler getting ready to return to the huddle after running a play.

Tyler heading to the sideline as the game clock neared zero.


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