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    Today's game was moved from Swartz Creek to Holly after it was deemed that Swartz Creek's field was unusable. This saved the entire Holly team a lot of travel time, so no complaints there! As for the game action, it was more of the same for the Bronchos. Despite the opposing defense stuffing 9 defenders on the line of scrimmage the Bronchos continued to try and run up the middle. There biggest play came on one of the only pass plays attempted, which makes sense to everyone except our coaches, I guess. Tyler saw the field primarily on special teams once again, which makes since because the players that have been getting the bulk of the playing time have obviously been doing a superb job all season long...

    This may have been Tyler's final football game, as he isn't sure he wishes to continue playing. That is a shame, because I think deep down he enjoys it, but I understand as the past two seasons have taken the love of the game away from a lot of the players - including the kids the play the entire game. I just wish his coaches could have been a little more creative offensively - just do something to make the game interesting to these kids. No matter what, I am proud of all of the hard work that Tyler has put in this season, and all of his seasons of playing football. Tyler isn't the biggest kid, but he gives it his all.

Game 6 - vs. Swartz Creek Middle School

Tyler lined up on the kick return team on the near sideline.

Tyler moving towards the middle of the field looking to make a block.

Tyler looking to make a block on #58.

Tyler returning to the sideline after the return was over.

The final score of the season, a 28-7 loss for the Bronchos.


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