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June 3rd, 2013              

    I will let Drew's coach provide the recap on tonight's game:

    "Last night Drew made a phenomenal catch, and it was my fault that he didnít understand the concept of touching 1st. I hope that my conversation with everyone after the game cleared that up..."

    I do know that Drew was fighting a bad headache from the time he got home from school today - to the point he almost didn't attend the game at all. He struggled a bit at the plate, but managed to get one hit and made is way around to third base before the inning ended.

Game 7 - at Scribner's Heating & Cooling

Drew playing in the infield.

Another shot of Drew as he watches the pitch.

Drew swinging for a base hit...

...and racing to first base.

Drew eventually made his way to second base...

...where he must have grown tired of waiting to be driven over to third base.

Drew eventually did make it over to third base.

Drew swinging the bat once again.

Drew playing first base.

Drew racing to catch a pop-fly. He could have had a double play by touching first base had he not thrown to second base.

Drew in his ready position at first base once again.


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