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June 28th, 2013              

    Drew's baseball team played their first playoff game on Friday, June 28th - one day later than expected thanks to a thunderstorm the scheduled day of the game. Things were looking good early for the VFW team, as they were able to keep the opposing teams bats quiet for the first couple of innings while also managing to plate a couple of runs themselves. Unfortunately, the Kan Rock team caught fire late, and managed to squeak out a win, ending the season for Drew and his teammates. Drew was so-so at the plate today, going 1 for 3. He played pretty well in the field today, seeing time in the outfield, at first base, and at catcher.

Playoff Game 1 - at Kan Rock Tire

Drew (#12) and his teammates getting a pre-game pep-talk from their coach.

Drew at shortstop during warm-ups.

Drew started out in the outfield for today's game.

Drew swinging during an early at-bat...

...and following through.

Drew reaching for a wild throw while playing first base.

Drew was disappointed in himself for not snagging that throw.

Drew making contact with the ball for a single...

...which he legged out to first base.

Drew managed to make his way to second base on a teammates hit.

Drew playing catcher.

Drew snagging a bouncing pitch from the opposing team's coach.

Drew ready for another pitch.

Drew jumping up to block a bouncing ball.

Drew tossing the ball back to the pitcher.

Drew at catcher one more time.

Drew looking for another hit late in the game.


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