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    Drew's hockey team, the '04 Lapeer Storm, is playing in a tournament at Glacier Pointe Arena in Port Huron during the weekend of September 20th-22nd. He will be playing in the first three games listed below, with the games on Sunday, the 22nd, being determined on how they do in the earlier games.

Blue Water Stars Tournament - '04 Lapeer Storm



Location Time Result Score Record
  Sep 20 Game 1 - vs. Blue Water Stars Port Huron 4:00pm L 9-0 0-1
  Sep 21 Game 2 - vs. Saginaw Badgers Port Huron 8:00am L 25-0 0-2
  Sep 21 Game 3 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors Port Huron 1:45pm L 11-0 0-3
  Sep 22 Consolation Game - vs. Lakeland Falcons(3rd place A vs. 3rd place B) Port Huron 12:45pm L 7-0 0-1


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