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September 21st, 2013              

    After suffering a major defeat earlier this morning, the Lapeer Storm returned to the ice this afternoon to try to redeem themselves a little bit. While they didn't come close to winning this game either, they at least made it somewhat respectable, both offensively and defensively, by applying pressure to the puck. They didn't score once again, but they managed to spend a fair amount of time in the oppositions end of the rink this time. Drew skated much harder than he did this morning, chasing after the puck better and using his size and reach to his advantage. Perhaps the long drive was just too much for him this morning?

    Because they were handed their third loss in three games, the Storm finished 3rd in their group. That means that they will be playing in the consolation game tomorrow at 12:45pm. Go Drew, and go Storm!

Blue Water Stars Tournament Game 3 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors

Drew skating down the ice.

Drew turning the puck around in his own zone.

Drew knocking the puck out of his zone.

Drew skating.

Drew skating down the ice once again.

Drew guarding an opposing player.

Drew trying to gather in a puck at his feet.

Another shot of Drew making his way down the ice.

Drew skating along the boards.

Drew and his teammates taking on some of the opposing players in a battle for the puck.

Drew making his way down the ice once again.

Drew and his teammate trying to recover a loose puck.

Drew picking the puck off of the boards.

Drew skating near the blue line.

This time the scoreboard made it up to 7 goals before stopping, but like the other games it will go down as a 6-0 defeat, despite giving up 11 goals total.

Drew joining the handshake line after the game.

Drew and his teammates in the handshake line.


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