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December 7th, 2013              

    Drew's hockey team faced a rematch of the team that he scored against a couple of weekends ago, and the kids were motivated to show improvement today. Things were looking good through the first period, as the game remained 0-0 for a majority of the period until Lakeland finally broke through to make it a one goal game at the end of the first. The Storm came back to tie the game at a goal apiece, but any positive momentum that they gained from their goal was short-lived, as Lakeland scored twice themselves during the period. The 3-1 score after two remained in place throughout the third period as well, as neither team managed to find the back of the net.

    Drew played alright today. He didn't score today, but he did skate hard and almost had a breakaway shot attempt (unfortunately the pass was just a bit ahead of him). He still floats between being too passive and too aggressive, as sometimes he focused more on skating into people than he did on gaining control of the puck. I have to remind myself that he is young for his hockey team and their competition, and that this was intended to be a learning year for all of them.

Game 10 - vs. Lakeland Falcons

Drew and his teammates listening to their coaches before the game.

Drew skating down the ice after a faceoff.

Drew in position on the ice, looking to intercept a pass.

Drew looking at the puck, waiting for a pass.

Drew skating down the ice after the puck.

Drew circling around after his goalie stopped the puck behind him.

Drew made sure he stayed onsides on this play.

Drew waiting for the line changes to take place before play resumes.

Drew skating with the puck along the boards.

Drew watching from the wing position as his defenders battle for the puck.

Drew racing after a long pass from a teammate almost led to a breakaway shot attempt.

Drew battling for the puck in front of the net.

Drew running into an opposing player while going after the puck.

The final score, a 3-1 Storm defeat.

Drew and his teammates in the handshake line after the game.

    There was about 10 minutes of ice time left after the game had concluded, so the coaches decided to have a shootout for the kids to participate in. Since it didn't affect the outcome of the game, I didn't bother keeping score. I can say that Drew wound up with two attempts, and he scored on his first one! He was the first goal scorer for either team in the shootout, so it wasn't a bad way for him to end his day on the ice!

Postgame Shootout

Drew gathering in the puck before heading towards the net...

...where he let a slapshot go...

...and watched as it found it's way into the back of the net!

Drew played it calm and cool on his way back towards his teammates after scoring the first goal of the shootout.

Drew lining up another slapshot...

...and putting some oomph behind it...

...and watching as he follows through.


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