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December 14th, 2013              

    Drew's hockey team returned to the ice today to face the USA Patriots at the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills. It wasn't a good day for the Storm team, as several players were missing in action either due to illness or the snowstorm that made driving a challenge. There wasn't much positive action on the ice, either, as the Patriots dominated throughout. There were occasional breakaway chances for the Storm, but not much sustained offensive pressure. The only real excitement came after our team made a save. The other team repeatedly hacked away at our goalie's glove and pads after he covered the puck, and one can only take that so many times. Our goalie finally started getting up and staring their kids down and occasionally pushing them. His teammates did the same several times as well. We could never quite figure out why the ref never said anything about this action, especially since they were well on their way to a 13-0 victory at the time...

Game 11 - at USA Patriots

Drew started today's game at left wing. Here he is on the opening faceoff.

Drew skating with the puck near center ice.

Drew watching as the puck is flicked into the air.

Drew skating near the blue line against a giant opponent (hard to tell here, but #16 was a full head taller than Drew - who is the tallest skater on his team).

Drew and his teammate chasing a puck along the boards.

Drew skating along the ice.

Drew watching the action behind the net, hoping for a pass.

Drew doing his best to reach for the puck as it passes by.

Drew racing down the ice after the puck.

Drew lining up an opponent in an attempt to...

...knock away the puck (or knock the opponent over!).

Drew ready for a pass.

A better look at the height difference between #16 and Drew.

Drew watching as the opposition gathers in the puck.

Drew colliding with an opposing player.

Drew reaching out to gain control of the puck...

...and trying his best to reel it in.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew battling for possession of the puck.

The final score on the scoreboard read 5-0, despite the 13-0 defeat the Storm suffered today.

    As we were waiting for the Storm team to make their way out of the locker room we wandered over to another one of the facilities rinks. It just so happened that they were having some sort of party, and part of the party was an "ice show" where two pairs of skaters and an individual skater did their routines for the guests. It was quite a sight watching these skaters perform their jumps, spins, and even back flips on the ice. Jayden thinks she may have found her new passion! Unfortunately I was too engrossed in the performance to even think about taking my camera out until it was almost over, but I did manage to get a few photos of the final skater. Enjoy!

Detroit Skating Club Show

This skater came out on the ice dressed as a nerd, but skated a spectacular routine with pop music, back flips, and the works!

Here he is in one of his spins.

Another picture of the spin.

Here is a different spin on the ice.

The end of his routine!


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