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December 15th, 2013              

    After being shorthanded in yesterdays game, the Storm were a little closer to full strength today. I'm not sure if that made a difference or not, although I am sure the kids felt a little fresher not having to take quite as many shifts during today's game. Maybe the blowout loss yesterday made a difference too, as the team came out of the gate a little in this game. Despite falling behind early, the kids battled back to make it a 5-2 game in the third period. Alas, two late (and I mean late) goals pushed the game completely out of reach, as they fell by a score of 7-2. Drew played well today, playing both wing positions and center at various points. He had a couple of chances on semi-breakaways, but couldn't get one behind the goaltender (becoming the only "Drew" on the team not to score today...). Overall it was a good game - the kind you expect to see out of the kids. Hopefully they can keep up this kind of progress and leave games like yesterday's behind them.

Game 12 - at Royal Oak Eagles

Drew skating on the ice during pregame warm-ups.

Drew and his teammates listening to their coaches before the opening faceoff.

Drew gathering in the puck to head down the ice...

...and carry the puck into his offensive zone.

Drew jostling for position on a faceoff.

Drew poking his stick back to knock the puck away.

Drew moved to center during today's game, a position he hasn't played for a while. Here he is taking a faceoff...

...and battling for the puck...

...before knocking the puck backwards.

Drew watching the action unfold down the ice.

Drew taking another faceoff...

...and knocking the puck backwards.

Drew looking at the puck along the boards.

Drew back in his usual left wing position on a faceoff.

Drew charging towards the net, looking for a pass.

Drew skating with the puck...

...and firing off a long shot that just missed the net.

Drew using his reach to try and knock away this puck.

Two late goals made this game seem more out of reach than it really was, as the game ended in a 7-2 loss for the Storm.

Drew and his teammates going through the postgame handshake line.


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