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December 21st, 2013              

    The last time the Storm met up with the Orchard Lake team they were soundly defeated by a score of 19-0. Today's game didn't reach that point, and was quite respectable after a slow first period when they surrendered 5 goals. The managed to keep the second period scoreless, and there was a brief defensive lapse in the third where they gave up 3 quick goals. The final score wound up being an 8-0 loss but the game was played much better than that.

Game 13 - vs. Orchard Lake

Drew in his position at left wing to start the game.

Drew changing direction to follow the puck.

Drew skating with the puck away from the boards.

Drew skating down the ice after his teammates.

Drew staying onsides at the blue line.

Drew going after the puck.

Drew chasing after the puck once again.

Drew looking at the puck as he skates down the ice.

Drew chasing down the opposing player and the puck.

A look at Drew on the ice.

Drew backhanding the puck down the ice.

Drew getting a drink on the bench.

Drew in position for a faceoff.

Drew skating towards the puck with a teammate.

Drew skating down the ice with the puck.

Drew turning to chase after the puck.

Drew skating towards the puck once again.

Drew skating during a break in play.

The final score on the scoreboard read 5-0 despite the Storm giving up 8 goals on the day.

Drew and his teammates going through the handshake line.


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