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December 27th, 2013              

    Today was a game that the Storm probably could have won, giving them their first victory of the season. There was a bit of a mix-up on the goalie front however, as the usual goalie was on vacation and there were no pads for us to utilize for a backup. That meant that we had to put a regular skater in net without any extra pads and hope for the best. Needless to say, it didn't work out to well. There were bright spots along the way, but it is just too much to ask to have a young kid stand in net and face shots without the proper equipment, and in the end the game was an 11-2 loss.

    I heard rumblings that this wouldn't count as a game (or that it would be a forfeit and the game was played as a scrimmage), but nothing official, so I recorded it in the usual manner.

Game 14 - at Redford Royals

Drew moving into position to knock the puck out of the zone.

Drew in front of the net, looking for a pass or a rebound.

Drew going down while trying to make a play on the puck.

Drew chasing after an opponent with the puck along the boards.

Drew trying to knock the puck away along the boards.

Drew using his stick to poke at the puck while on the ground.

Drew pushing along the boards while trying to gain possession of the puck.

Drew tried his best to get between two opposing players.

Drew trying to knock down a pass from an opponent.

Drew chasing after the puck.

Drew knocking the puck away from his opponent.

Drew skating towards the net with the puck...

...and firing off a shot.

Drew skating towards the corner while looking for the puck.

Drew doing his best to get the puck out of his zone.

Drew skating towards the net with the puck once again.

Drew circling around during a break in the action.

Drew skating along the boards.

The final score on the board read 5-2, despite allowing 11 goals.

Drew and his teammates going through the handshake line.


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