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October 6th, 2013              

    Progress isn't always made in gigantic leaps and bounds, sometimes it is little steps here and there. That is where the '04 Lapeer Storm team seems to be at this point and time. Although they didn't win today's rematch with the Grosse Pointe Bulldogs, they did show signs of improvement on the ice today. It appears that they took some of the lessons that they learned in yesterday's loss and used them in today's game. While they still struggle maintaining possession of the puck in their own offensive end, they did a much better job in the defensive zone today. Again, despite giving up 7 goals, the goaltending was extremely impressive (with the exception of a couple of "soft" goals, but that is what happens as players tire during the game). Drew played pretty well himself, skating with the puck at times and doing a good job of helping out when he could. For the most part the players are definitely getting better, but they still seem overly concerned with playing their positions versus playing the puck at times. Again, as they learn when they can leave their spot on the ice to help and when they can't that situation will improve itself as well. All in all, a good game despite the 7-0 loss.

Game 2 - at Grosse Pointe Bulldogs

Drew on the ice during warm-ups.

Drew and his teammates giving the "Go Storm" chant after listening to the coaches directions.

Drew in his wing position during a faceoff.

Drew gathering in the puck along the boards.

Drew slapping the puck out of his team's defensive zone.

Drew looking for a teammate to pass to while surrounded by three opposing players.

Drew stopping a bouncing puck along the boards...

...and then battling for it in a scrum.

Drew skating to the bench during a shift change.

Drew knocking the puck forward.

Drew keeping an eye on the puck across the ice.

Drew looking to gain control of the puck after a faceoff.

Drew skating down the ice, looking to intercept a pass.

Drew watching the action unfold across the ice.

Drew skating along the boards, looking for a pass.

Drew waiting for another faceoff.

Another faceoff picture with Drew lined up in his wing position.

Drew skating with the puck along the boards.

The final score on the scoreboard was 5-0, despite the 7-0 tally that I had counted during the game.


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