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October 19th, 2013              

    What at atmosphere for a hockey game. This was definitely like no other game that the Storm has played in thus far, tournaments included. To start with, the game was played at McMorran Place, a true arena (as opposed to an ice rink, where they typically play at) where the Port Huron Fighting Falcons minor league hockey team plays. Prior to the start of the game, each team was individually introduced over the PA system, skating onto the darkened ice with the help of a spotlight as flames shot up on either side of them. It was quite an impressive way to start the day, that is for sure. As the players were introduced, they lined up on the blue line in front of their respective benches for the singing of the national anthem, "live via satellite from Detroit, Michigan by Karen Newman" (aka - a taped performance of the Detroit Red Wings anthem singer, but cool for the kids nonetheless). As the anthem neared it's conclusion, the kids all pounded their sticks on the ice, just as their NHL heroes do...

    Finally, it was game time. As is typical for the Storm, there were some good moments along with some bad. So far it seems as if each team that we face is much faster to the puck than we are, and that was the case for the most part today. I don't think that there was as big of a talent discrepancy on the ice today as what the scoreboard showed, but they got to the puck and made plays with it while we couldn't. Every period was pretty consistent, as we allowed 3-5 goals each. Some were saves that should have been made, others the goalie had no chance thanks to defensive lapses and the inability to clear the zone. By the time the final buzzer sounded, the Storm had fallen by a score of 12-0. The coach was pretty disappointed in some of their play, and I can't say that I really blame him.

    After the game each of the players was provided a ticket that entitled them to a hot dog, chips, and a soft drink. None of the kids was complaining about that!

Game 3 - at Port Huron Flags

Drew skating on to the ice during the player introductions.

Drew and his teammates lined up during the singing of the national anthem.

Drew warming up on a foggy ice surface prior to the start of the game.

Drew working hard to gather in the puck...

...and skate it out of his defensive zone.

Drew near the net in his offensive zone.

Drew battling along the boards for the puck.

Drew skating with the puck.

Drew looking for the puck after a faceoff.

Drew lined up for the second period faceoff.

Drew skating in the neutral zone.

A close-up of Drew on the ice.

Drew with the puck along the boards.

Drew trying to keep the puck away from two opposing players.

Drew making his way towards a loose puck.

Drew heading towards the net on a near breakaway.

Drew looking at the puck in his skates near the board.

Drew going to the bench for a line change.

The scoreboard read 7-0 after the final buzzer, but the Storm actually gave up 12 goals during the game.

Drew and his teammates in the handshake line after the game's conclusion.


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