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November 30th, 2013              

    While I thought that the kids played a good, hard game today, the Orchard Lake team proved to be far too much for the shorthanded Storm team. Drew was one of only 9 skaters on the ice today... add in the goalie and there were only 10 kids at the arena to play the entire game. There was only three defensive players, and six forwards/centers today. That meant that every other shift the kids were back out on the ice. They did their best, but fatigue caught up to them in the second and third periods, when the Orchard Lake team did most of their damage. The storm had a few scoring chances today, but were unable to cash in on any of them, while the O.L. team added goal after goal as our players tired. The Storm players only trailed by 4 after the first period, and had some quality chances themselves, but it was all downhill after that, leading to a blowout loss to the second place team in their division.

Game 8 - at Orchard Lake United White

Drew's hockey team was shorthanded today - the pregame pep-talk was only heard by 10 players today!

Drew trying to deflect the puck along the boards.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew trying to get position on an opposing player.

Drew waiting for the action to resume.

Drew grabbing control of the puck from an opposing player...

...and heading down the ice with it.

Drew managed to get a skate on this puck and knock it into the boards...

...where he had to battle with an opposing player for possession.

Drew listening to one of his coaches after coming off the ice following a shift change.


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