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December 2nd, 2013              

    I don't have much positive to say about today's game, so I am going to say as little as positive (which is difficult when describing a game where one of the coaches got kicked out for complaining to the ref about the opposition poking at the puck while it is under the goalies glove, where the opposing team scores a goal with 20 seconds remaining despite already leading 13-0 - whatever happened to two things called sportsmanship and class? - and our "top" line gets double the ice time of the other lines combined despite constantly being out of position on the ice and allowing the majority of the opposing team's goals).

    Let me just say that during the time Drew was on the ice, he played acceptable. There were times when a little more hustle could have helped, and times when he skated hard and got to loose pucks first. He narrowly missed his second goal of the season as a diving defenseman got a stick in front of the net as Drew was attempting to fire in a rebound. So close, yet so far... kind of like the entire Storm team.

Game 9 - at Michigan Warriors

Drew skating across the ice during pregame warm ups.

Drew battling for a loose puck along the boards.

Drew moving towards the puck on a faceoff.

Drew trying to move past the ref while chasing after the puck.

Drew lined up for another faceoff.

Drew gaining control of the puck...

...and clearing it out of his defensive zone.

Drew passing the puck to a teammate.

Drew skating down the ice after his team turned the puck over.

Drew chasing the puck into the corner...

...and sliding into the opposing player.

Drew getting to a loose puck by skating hard.

Drew had a wide open net on the rebound except...

...for the opposing player diving across the goal mouth and stopping his shot.

Drew battling for the puck once again.

Drew was getting frustrated towards the end of the game, as he did his best to push this player off of the puck.

The final score on the scoreboard read 6-0 despite the 14-0 drubbing.


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