Great Lakes Tournament

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    Drew's hockey team, the '04 Lapeer Storm, is playing in a tournament at Edge Ice Arena in Holland during the weekend of October 11th-13th. He will be playing in the three games listed below, along with a game to be determined by their standings on Sunday, October 13th.

Great Lakes Tournament - '04 Lapeer Storm



Location Time Result Score Record
  Oct 11 Game 1 - vs. Northwest Chargers (IL) Holland 2:50pm L 11-0 0-1
  Oct 12 Game 2 - vs. Highland Park Falcons (IL) Holland 7:00am L 19-0 0-2
  Oct 12 Game 3 - vs. Muskegon Chiefs (MI) Holland 4:20pm L 16-0 0-3
  Oct 13 Consolation Game - vs. Northwest Chargers (IL) Holland 7:30am L 1-0 0-1


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