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October 12th, 2013              

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Great Lakes Tournament Game 2 - vs. Highland Park Falcons (IL)

Drew and his Storm teammates listening to their coach before the game.

Drew sizing up his competition before a faceoff.

Drew skating across the red line.

Drew has been doing a better job keeping his stick on the ice - last season he lifted his stick every time he skated.

Drew at his left wing position during another faceoff.

Drew skating with the puck down the ice.

Drew in position as he watches the puck.

Drew trying to take the puck away from an opposing player (apparently by putting his stick between that players legs).

Drew and his teammates getting some encouraging words during a between period break.

Drew looking for the puck to come his way during a faceoff.

Drew racing down the ice after the puck.

Drew skating down the ice with an opposing player.

Drew turning to chase after the puck...

...and battle an opposing player for it.

Drew heading towards the bench while trying to gather in the puck.

Drew getting ready to head to his offensive zone with the puck.

Drew coming to the bench for a shift change.

Another game where the official final score was recorded as a 7-0 Storm defeat, despite giving up 19 goals during the game.

Drew and his teammates going through the handshake line.


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