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October 12th, 2013              

    Game 3 of the tournament was more of the same for the Lapeer Storm team. Meaning to say that it was another drubbing. How's that old saying go... "If you don't have anything nice to say..." Well, that about sums up this game and this tournament. For the most part the opposing coaches did their best to back off their kids once the score got out of hand (typically in the second and third periods), but that was quite demoralizing to our kids. What I later found out is that there is two different levels of Squirt hockey - A and B. We are a Squirt A team, which means that our kids are born in 2004 and 2005. Typically that would mean that the 2004 players are kids who didn't want to play on an '03 team or weren't good enough, and the 2005 players were good enough to play on an '04 team or didn't want to wait for an '05 team. The Squirt B teams have kids from 2003 and 2004 on their teams, and each of the teams we played this weekend fell into that category. Our coach didn't realize this before the tournament, but he acknowledged that had he known he wouldn't have brought the kids this weekend. At this point I look at it as an experience for the kids - now they know what they have to work on and what areas they are good at. Right now there is more to work on that what they are good at, but in 6 months maybe that won't be the case...

Great Lakes Tournament Game 3 - vs. Muskegon Chiefs (MI)

Drew skating over to talk to his coach before the start of the game.

Drew lined up for the faceoff.

Drew gathering in the puck off of a faceoff...

...and attempting to clear it out of his defensive zone.

Drew getting his stick on the puck, taking it away from the opposing player.

Drew gathering in the puck once again.

Drew attempting to pass to an open teammate.

Drew battling for the puck in a crowd of players.

Drew lined up on the wing for another faceoff.

Drew getting in to position to block a pass.

Drew fighting for the puck once again.

Drew chasing after a loose puck.

Drew trying to clear the puck out of his defensive zone.

Drew skating along the ice...

...looking for a pass from his teammates.

The final score on the scoreboard once again showed a 7-0 Storm defeat, despite the actual score being 16-0.

Drew in the handshake line with some of his teammates.

Drew passing the opposing goaltender in the handshake line.


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